Yours Truly

Danielle embodies the teacher archetype in many ways.  This blog was a grand experiment when she tried to quit teaching a few years back.  It didn’t stick then, but it did now, baby!  She has taught yoga to people of all ages for 12 years and leads women’s circles through The WILD Woman Project.  She practices Thai Yoga Massage, writes, edits and co-facilitates teacher trainings and workshops.

She is reverently irreverent and takes joy in small things like bubble wrap, cat naps, and a really good pen.  She hopes you’ll reach out if any part of this journey resonates with you.  If all of this gratitude and passion nonsense is too foo-foo for you, she understands, but she isn’t sorry either. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


15 thoughts on “Yours Truly

  1. Ok you saw me roll my eyes…sorry! But what about all that MONEY for your education and the countless hours of studying! …… And your Dad didn’t pay me to say this!!!😜✌but I love my yoga teacher Stacy. She has a big heart. She lets me bring Rick for free and does adaptive yoga for him and old folks like me. I appreciate how she lets all of us all gravitate to the faith we have, mine being in Jesus Christ. I look forward to see how this journey plays out. May you find true peace and gratification as you follow your heart. Sincerely your Dads cousin Chris Cravatta


    • Thanks for thinking of me! Luckily, taking a break from education does not erase the education I have received. That knowledge is mine forever, and even luckier, I can do whatever I want with it! And! The best part about yoga is that it is inclusive. You’re right about that. Happy that you’re doing well!


  2. Can’t wait to see your journey. You are so inspirational! Follow your heart and soul, it will never steer you wrong ❤️


  3. WOOP WOOP! 😀 You go girl!!! I hope we can meet up somewhere in the world on your adventure as I would like to be doing something similarly soon!!! ✨😘💙🙏😋💞👏🌞💖


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