Events & Offerings

YOGA TEACHER DEEP DIVE at The Rooted Collective

Inclusive Language and Cuing
Saturday December 15th
As yoga instructors, our job is to guide students into a safe place within themselves physically, mentally and oftentimes, emotionally.  How can we use language to support our students?  How can we speak with intention and clarity so that students understand our directions AND feel included and capable?  We’ll explore the use of invitational language, being sensitive to those who may be experiencing or have experienced trauma, and how to weave your words together to bring up the level and energy of the whole room.  We’ll challenge our beliefs around what is said in yoga classes and why we’ve been taught to speak the way we do and try on some new language.  You’ll leave with the ability to create new patterns and content, and with the inspiration to re-program your dialogue to include all abilities in your classes.  For new and experienced teachers alike, this setting will feel supportive, educational and fun!
Kids Yoga Series at The Portland Yoga Project

Wednesdays | January 9th – February 6th | 4pm – 5pm | $50 for all 5 sessions or $10 drop in

Bring your little one(s) to join me for this 5 week series full of play, laughter, and creativity. Through stories, postures, and even breathing techniques all geared towards children, this is the perfect way to introduce your child(ren) to all the benefits that yoga can bring.

There is a vinyasa yoga class scheduled in our other studio space at 4pm as well. So you can drop your child(ren) off for their class and head next door for your own practice.

For ages 5-10 (we are happy to consider slightly older or younger…please email me to discuss.)

Winter Bliss: Restorative Yoga and Thai Massage Workshop with Skye and Danielle
Saturday, January 19, 5-7 p.m.
Lila East End
Join Skye and Danielle for an evening of rejuvenating restorative yoga coupled with Thai massage assists in each posture. Restorative yoga allows the body and mind to relax with the support of props and intelligent sequencing. Thai massage is the practice of balancing energy in the body. This type of bodywork, different from classical Swedish or deep tissue, is not meant to manipulate the muscles, but to work the energy from the feet to the crown of the head using the palms of the hands. Assists are completely optional and may include gentle stretching, muscle compression, and rocking to increase flexibility and relieve tension. This workshop is limited to 10 participants.