The world is different now. We must act differently. We do not have elected leaders giving us guidance. We do not have a solid example to look to. We do not have the luxury and privilege of time. We have only each other. There is no amount of abundance consciousness or love and light that will magically buoy us and float us safely to shore.

We must craft lifeboats for uncharted waters without holding the hands of our loved ones. We can call to them and instruct them how to swim from afar, to encourage them and cheer them on. But we cannot touch them. We cannot reach out like humans want and need to. Not now. If you ever want to again, you will refrain. We must collectively lift each other in trust and call each other out when we are not acting for the greater good. There is still some time left to pivot, to change lanes, and act from a place with which we are completely unfamiliar. That is the only way. We must learn a new way, navigate new terrain. Steer the ship off the map, because we don’t have one that is clear anymore.

You’ll feel like you’ve never done this before, because you haven’t. You’ll feel like you are alone in your sorrow and fear and what the fuckness of it all. You’ll also feel the interconnection of all things. You’ll recognize that this is not about you. This is about we. This is about how we now come to a new conclusion on how we wish to live in this world together.

Imagine for a moment, that you were to wake up tomorrow and have the gift of a completely new set of eyes. You have no recollection of what it’s like to only look out for yourself. You don’t understand how we ever functioned in completely independent ways. It is unfathomable to think we ever didn’t know our neighbors or offer to pick them up dinner and carefully drop it by. You wake and understand that this is a time to incubate your vision for a how you want it to be, for what you want to add to the world. Possessions are a foreign concept. What’s yours belongs to everyone and it is normal to share without resentment or fear. We trust that we all have each other’s best interests in mind. We all assume no ill intent. We have no reason to do that because we understand that everyone deserves basic human rights and respect, and we trust we will all get what we need.

I know this is hard. I know that privilege and race and history and the desire for power are at play here. But this is not a drill. This is really happening. This is an immense and powerful opportunity to make change. Please come with me. If you throw your rope to me, I’ll secure it to my boat. Then with the extra line, you can throw it to the beautiful soul 6 feet behind you. And so on and so forth. Until we paddle ourselves to a new beach. I look forward to seeing you there and hugging you, sweetly.

So shall it be.

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