Thai Yoga Bodywork

Rates: In Your Home within 25 minutes of Portland

$90 for 60 minutes

$110 for 75 minutes

$120 for 90 minutes

Rates: In My Home Studio

$80 for 60 minutes

$95 for 75 minutes

$115 for 90 minutes

Danielle has been integrating Thai Yoga Massage into her yoga teaching practice since her training with the Triple Gem School of Thai Massage since 2011. A yoga instructor since 2006, she was inspired to deepen her hands on work and has completed 3 levels of training, with widely renowned teacher Jennifer Yarro and continues to study and practice with her. Working closely with Jennifer for the last 8 years, Danielle has a deep respect and love for this healing modality.

Her sessions are adapted to the needs of the client, and she incorporates her intuitive knowledge of what the body and soul need at any given time. She is also Level II Reiki attuned and incorporates this work into her sessions as guided. Her hopes are to serve her clients by helping them find balance, peace and deep release on the physical and energetic level and to have them tap into the unending flow of ‘metta” or loving kindness that is the base of the Thai Yoga Massage practice.

Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) is an ancient healing art that combines the alignment of the breath, yoga asana, and mindfulness meditation of Metta (loving compassion) into a flowing dance of continuous rhythmic motion to deliver a soothing and revitalizing experience. TYM is based on an understanding of the energy lines and marma points present in each person. By working along these lines and points, the modality balances the energetic body of the recipient and frees & removes any blockages that may present in physical, mental, or emotional dis-ease.

A session of TYM results in restoring a healthy, balanced energetic flow to the recipient. It is a complete therapeutic treatment on its own and may also be incorporated into other modalities of massage or into yoga classes.

Book at either space, by clicking on the links below.

Thai Massage at The Rooted Collective

Appointments available Monday-Friday at various times.  Click through to check availability.

Thai Massage at Arcana

You can also call 207 773 7801, to book with me on Fridays from 10:30-5:00pm

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