New Moon Circles with The Wild Woman Project

Next new moon offerings are:

February 3rd- 6-8pm- New Moon in Aquarius
February Facebook Event

March 3rd- 6-8pm- New Moon in Pisces

New Moon Circles at Honor Movement

Sliding scale exchange $15-$20

Every new moon, we have the opportunity to set an intention or wish for the moon cycle ahead. It is a seeding time, and more powerful than one might imagine. Join circle leader Danielle Gismondi, for The WILD Woman Project.
Here, we remember what it’s like to be a woman, untamed, in the company of others. Leave your masks and veils outside. Come just as you are, no questions asked. Inside, you are seen as you and supported as a woman who feels deeply and intuitively. Based on the astrology of the new moon, we explore different themes of the divine feminine within a sacred container that we create together.
Every circle includes:
*community & time to share
*creative ritual
*intention setting
(and of course, tea & chocolate)
Set on, or near the new moon every month, these circles create a container for women to come as they are, no questions asked. All who identify as women are welcome.