Women’s Circles


New Moon in Libra- Love Speaks Truth- Virtual Gathering
Sunday October 18th- 6-7:45pm EST

New Moon time approaches and with it the opportunity to set intentions for the coming moon cycle ahead.  This potent seeding time each month lends its powerful magic to those who cycle and pattern with the moon. Let’s embark together through the magical internet ethers to celebrate together.
Find a quiet space, grab a candle and a journal, and meet us where you are. Circle includes visualization, sharing, intention setting and secret *magic*. 
This is an actively anti-racist and trans-welcoming circle.
$10 to attend.
Please venmo me at @Danielle-Gismondi or paypal danielle.a.gismondi@gmail.com and I will send you the zoom link to attend. If income is a barrier, please send me a message!
Please reach out with any questions.
Hands at your back,


Full Moon Goddess Get Down 

Next date: TBA!  Stay tuned!

When the moon comes full, it’s time to take stock of what we have sown, bring to light what has manifest, and let go of the rest. Join me and other AMAZING women for a night of connection, ritual and movement. Half ceremony and half dance party (because who doesn’t wanna get down on the full moon?!), this night will shake you to your core, and support you in a circle of strong and unique women.

Own your gifts, put down the mask you wear every day, and be seen for who you are; a being in complete power and a reflection of the divine feminine.

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