Women’s Circles


Circles postponed until it is safe to gather together.  I love you. Take care.

Sliding scale exchange $15-$20

Every new moon, we have the opportunity to set an intention or wish for the moon cycle ahead. It is a seeding time, and more powerful than one might imagine.

Here, we remember what it’s like to be a woman, untamed, in the company of others. Leave your masks and veils outside. Come just as you are, no questions asked. Inside, you are seen as you are and supported as a woman who feels deeply and intuitively. Based on the astrology of the new moon, we explore different themes of the divine feminine within a sacred container that we create together.

Every circle includes:
*community & time to share
*creative ritual
*intention setting
(and of course, tea & chocolate)
Set on, or near the new moon every month, these circles create a container for women to come as they are, no questions asked. All who identify as women are welcome.)


Full Moon Goddess Get Down 

Next date: TBA!  Stay tuned!

When the moon comes full, it’s time to take stock of what we have sown, bring to light what has manifest, and let go of the rest. Join me and other AMAZING women for a night of connection, ritual and movement. Half ceremony and half dance party (because who doesn’t wanna get down on the full moon?!), this night will shake you to your core, and support you in a circle of strong and unique women.

Own your gifts, put down the mask you wear every day, and be seen for who you are; a being in complete power and a reflection of the divine feminine.

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