Full Moon Goddess Get Down

Full Moon Goddess Get Down 

Friday March 22nd at Arcana Healing Arts
$20 Investment
Preregistration is required!  Please call 207 773 7801 to sign up or visit

When the moon comes full, it’s time to take stock of what we have sown, bring to light what has manifest, and let go of the rest. Join Danielle Gismondi, Wild Woman Project Circle Leader, for a night of connection, ritual and movement. Half ceremony and half dance party (because who doesn’t wanna get down on the full moon?!), this night will shake you to your core, and support you in a circle of strong and unique women.

Own your gifts, put down the mask you wear every day, and be seen for who you are; a being in complete power and a reflection of the divine feminine.
The Full Moon in Libra is a time to call in deep harmony in your life. Just 2 days after the Vernal Equinox, we will harness this powerful balancing energy as we move into spring. The circle waits for you. If your interest is peaked, you may be hearing the call. This event is open to all who identify as women or non-binary.